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Chan3es Bright International

Chances Bright International, Found in 2016, has been a pioneered  company based Malaysia aimed international Education enhancement. The company core system composed of delivering practical and Academic courses. For delivering best facilities for fresh students, pushing them and transforming them to suitable members of a community, Chances bright International concentrated on two indispensable  skills, Firstly English courses from elementary to Highest certificate(IELTS,PTE) in case of  communicating with other employees and individuals from different nationalities, connecting and sharing interests and experience,  and secondly having an specific and useful skill(practical, Academic)such Welding, Electrician, carpentry, and…. Or Academic such marketing, Business management, human resource management, IT, graphic design and more. According to Malaysia plan 2020, necessity of having skillful workforce for being a first world country is a mass view, hence the Chances Bright International plan is to perform a definite professional services for local students , make them valuable for their society, beside promote Malaysia as a ranked 1 in Educational tourism and helping to reshaping it.


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