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Visa Processes

Study Visa Processes

In a general way, every single foreign student who has the intention of coming to Malaysia for study in the diversity of education levels must have the study visa at least for 6 month s period. The questions that come in mind draws the attention of applicants on how are they going to start? what is the procedure? what requirements are needed? and etc. 

Let me tell you clearly, for studying in one of the Malaysia education centers, From vocational ones to the top universities, the first step is that you need to apply. Always keep it in mind that despite the fact that education centers from colleges to training centers, they have different requirements depending on the nature of the course, the certificate you will receive, the duration and popularity of the course and education center, and lots of other subjects. Nevertheless, the process of taking the Malaysia study visa is as follows:

  1. Applying for your interested course to the training center or what so ever education center(Usually they have information regarding prerequisites that an applicant needs to have on their website). 
  2. after meeting the course perquisites, they ask for the requirements( all passport pages scanned, a photo with white background, your latest certificate and transcript)
  3. in this level, the education center sends you an offer letter which means that you are accepted by the center and they are offering you to come to Malaysia to study.
  4. After all, documents submitted to EMGS(Education Malaysia Global Service) applicant required to pay for an application form, which must be banking it to EMGS official bank account(1303RM)
  5. meanwhile that your process profile percentage is on 15% or above, you will be asked to do ''pre-medical''( its a medical checkup that you need to take in authorized centers, that you should carry a specified file which needs to be presented to the examination doctor to fill up)
  6. the time after submission the premedical to EMGS by the applicant or by Education center, the applicant needs to wait for approval or so-called ''Eval''.
  7. The applicant in this stage needs to go to the Malaysia embassy or consular in the home country while carrying a passport, Eval, and flight ticket to Malaysia. The process in Embassy or consular might takes some days, and your passport will be backed to you with a chop named Journey to perform marked on it.
  8. Important note: a person in charge from the education center should come after you to the airport, for performing your documentation in immigration section, and carry the applicant out of the airport
  9. the applicant needs to attend to the authorized medical centers in Malaysia for the post medical section.
  10. gradually, the applicant must return the passport to the education center for the immigration process and sticker.
  11. note: the study visa is renewable in term of many parameters, such as the existence of  the course that applicant  that has taken the study visa under related course, the possibility of elevating for advance course by student or applicant, the applicant transcript grades etc.